Martial arts fitness training.One to One or group instruction. Great For Losing Weight and Increasing Your Strength and Fitness While Learning Martial Art Skills.


 There is strong evidence to support the fact that both flavouring water and adding small amounts of glucose and sodium to a hypotonic solution can lead to substantially increased levels of voluntary drinking, which can therefore result in an exercising individual maintaining a better level of hydration than if water alone were consumed.

 Exercise may protect osteoarthritis (OA) joints indirectly by helping control body weight. It has been observed that OA progresses more rapidly in overweight individuals. One study found that weight loss in middle-aged or older women significantly reduced the incidence of symptomatic OA of the knee.

Theory has it that the bigger the signal, the more electrical activity in the particular muscle, the stronger the contractions and the more effective the exercise. These studies showed that the three best exercises for the abdominal muscle are the bicycle crunch, the hanging knee raise and the crunch on an exercise ball.


Established since 1994, Fit For Life provides the individual with guidance and advice to help them towards a healthier lifestyle.

You will be taken through a lifestyle consultation which includes a fitness assessment before you begin training.



Your own qualified personal fitness trainer to motivate, guide and advise you towards achieving your goals.Train at your own convenience with one-to-one instruction.

Regular assessments to ensure targets are being achieved.

Personal record of achievements


Specifically designed programs for the dedicated individual, no matter what your sport, to aspire to higher levels. Achieve a higher level of fitness, strength, endurance, speed and mobility in your sport with the guidance and advice of your personal fitness trainer


Fit For Life Physical Fitness Award. This is a six item test of overall physical fitness. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to those who meet the requires standards, in recognition of their achievements

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